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Additional Memorial Service 2002 pictures


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The following are photos taken after Memorial Service of some of the UDC members and guest.

Members of Appomattox UDC and Guest

After the Memorial Service

Special guest, Cloyd Flood and Chapter President, Carolyn Austin


"Oh Soldier of Gray"

Child of the South
Born of Southern tradition
A certain language of the mouth
Oh soldier strong and brave
Oh mother where is your child
Is he alive or in a grave
Oh soldier your fight persistence
Your cause known to all
Was just for independence
The fight was not so small
The struggle for states rights
Through bullets, saber and ball
Oh soldier you fought for freedom
With no shoes you walked miles
Without food you still had a smile
Without adequate clothing
You kept the flag flowing
Oh soldier of gray with honor
The struggles from 1861-1865
We still see you yonder
The leaves of autum lie still
But you have not died for nill
father where is your son, your child
Is he buried on a hill
Where the wind is mild
On a battlefield where children play
Or now where old men pray.

Rebel Cloyd

Jimmy Drinkard and Joan Butler

Joan Butler and Carolyn Austin

Photos by Tom Austin